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Are you through with the pharmacy school and with your Bachelor or Doctorate degree in Pharmacy? – kudos!!!. Now, you have to take the next step in the pharmacy profession which is to give care to patients who needs it with appropriate pharmacy jobs.
However, for you to get the full job satisfaction in pharmacy, you must choose a career in pharmacy that will suit your personality. Pharmacy jobs have different domains such as hospital, community, public health, industrial, journalism, medical representative e.t.c.
So many others still want to leave their country for other countries with greener pastures. In which ever way you choose to go, always remember your code of conducts as a pharmacist and do not let money come before patient care.
But, money is still important. There are still pharmacy jobs you can do with all sincerity and still earn a better living.
Check out some pharmacy job opportunities and travel opportunities that will earn you a good job in pharmacy profession.

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