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Medicinal plants from the Apothecary era of pharmacy practice have been used to make drug portions used for treatment of diseases.
The Pharmacy education has a branch called pharmacognosy which studies the uses of drug materials from the natural sources such as plants.
The study of pharmacognosy also shows an insight on the habitats of these substances, its identification, purity, adulteration and standardization.
A branch of pharmacognosy known as phytochemistry studies the chemistry of these medicinal plants and how their chemistry affects their uses in drug production.
The phytochemistry of drugs shows that plants have substances known as secondary metabolites that gives them the activities they have as drugs. So many of these secondary metabolites such as alkaloids have been used extensively in the production of many drugs.
In summary, it is important to know these plants from research or folklore uses ( traditional uses). This will help in the discovery of new natural drug substances and their standardization.
Also, the knowledge of these medicinal plants will improve its usage as food and functional foods or supplements.

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