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9 Tips On How To Deal With Work Stress

Work stress

Two most common stressors are emotional stress from friends and loved ones and Stress at work. However, work stress have a big role to play in your personal life – your relationship, Health, family, sexual life and social life. Therefore, learning how to deal with work stress will touch every …

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Antibiotic misuse – 7 wrong ways to use an antibiotic

Antibiotic abuse

Some infectious diseases from microorganisms are better treated using an antimicrobial agent or an antibiotic. Microorganisms are everywhere, Therefore, there is need for Antibiotics in some prescriptions and treatment plans from your Prescriber or Physician. Nevertheless, Antibiotic misuse or overuse is a global burden that should be addressed. The dangers …

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13 Ways To Prevent Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

recurrent Urinary tract infections

Are you continuously having symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection even after treatment? Are you still feeling that burning sensation while urinating or the cloudy foul smelling urine? This may be as result of Recurrent urinary tract infection (rUTI). Nevertheless, a recurrent urinary tract infection is defined as an infection of …

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