About us

Pharmbasics is a team of practicing pharmacists at Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakiliki, Ebonyi State Nigeria (map). Our objectives are as follows;

Our team is always ready to help you with a current and solid information about your health. Feel free at all times to CONTACT US if you have a question as regards to your health, if you have a suggestion to make or criticism. You can as well SUBSCRIBE to our newsletters for current update on the health topics addressed.

Every drug is a potential poison when wrongly used. Our aim is to educate and give an accurate data on current parameters on OTC (over the counter drugs) and also help prepare you to be part of decision making process with your Physician as regards to POM ( Prescription only Medicines).

This site is built for both professionals and non-professionals. Our CLASSROOM gives the basic knowledge of pharmacy courses (Pharmaceutical calculations, Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical care).

Meanwhile, for young Pharmacists who wants to learn outside their classroom or old pharmacists who needs to go back to classroom lectures. We also have Clinical Pharmacy where Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Pharmaceutical care plays the major role.

INTEGRITY is our watch-word. Our team has the zeal to bring out the best in Pharmacy Profession, Drug Information and trending health information. Help us to serve you better. Always reach out to us, we will answer you.